Frequently Asked Questions

Do we sell auto parts?

No, we don’t

Can I buy steel or other metal from your facility?

Sorry, no

How many aluminum cans make a pound?

Approximately 34

Do we buy appliances/whole air conditioners?

Yes, we buy all appliances. Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners must be Freon-free.

Are aluminum can tabs worth more than the aluminum cans?

No, leave the tabs on the cans

Is it more money to break down an air conditioner?

Yes, if you are willing to do the work! Break down the aluminum copper radiator, electric motor, copper and AC compressor (without the oil).

Do we buy whole vehicles?

Yes, and here are the requirements: 1) Title signed by seller/owner. No title? Call us for details. 2) Fluids must be drained and holes punched in gas tank. 3) Battery must be removed. We’ll buy the battery; just not in the car!

Please also check out our page on Metal Recycling Laws and Regulations